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Newly Released Bingos – Tips and Recommendations

Bingo websites continue to improve with expanding ranks, following some boom years. Nowadays, we are enjoying a general renaissance in bingo gaming. Also, the line between mobile and online versions are blurring on thanks to new tech. This gathers more games and entertainment into your Web browser window, away from apps or clunky software. There is steady innovation in our game, fortunately for us!

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New Bingo Sites in 2019

The thing about Web-based bingo that is most exciting may just be how changeable and surprising our choice in sites remains. What we mean is that you can never count out sites that have been strong in the past, and perhaps lost some ground for a year, since they can pop back at any time.

For that reason, although you’ll enjoy playing at the sites in the following recommended list for 2019, you should also keep the perennial favourites in mind. Top sites such as mFortune, Wink and 888, as well as bingo communities like Parlay and 15 Network, have proven they aren’t going anywhere but up, and remain our darlings.

It’s clear to see that the bingo world is always expanding with new sites, and we love to keep you up to date with all of the latest ones that we love.

Throughout the year, we will endeavour to keep you up-to-date with the most cutting-edge goings-on in bingo-land, and let you know what new bingo sites 2019 have in store.

Best of 2019

Our top selection
There’s no better example of how great a new bingo site can be than Lucky Cow Bingo with its exquisite feel and fabulous welcome bonus – up to 500 free spins on your 1st deposit!

We’re here to make your life easier when it comes to sorting the real nuggets from the new, but not quite so nice alternatives. We have the most comprehensive selection of new bingo sites anywhere online.

Not everyone wants or needs to be an industry insider, but keeping informed by passing through our site can lead to bigger bonuses and better bingo experiences.

Here’s a quick recap of some sweeping changes you should be aware of when looking for fresh bingo destinations.

1. Although it may go largely unnoticed by most online players, the Web itself got a global upgrade recently to ‘HTML5’, its latest language. It was the first in about two decades, believe it or not. The bottom line consequence for our fabulous game of bingo is entirely positive: freedom from having to download software or apps. The games can now perform best inside your Web browser window because the Web has finally absorbed multimedia at its fullest, making plugins like Flash unnecessary.
2. We have been keen to stay abreast of the latest platforms for gaming in terms of devices. The iPad has revolutionised mobile gaming, as well as the many awesome Android competitors. Tablet computers are right inside the wave of HTML5, and their popularity is helping everything come together into a cross-platform and even cross-device world. That means we can play with less fuss than ever before, whether on a laptop, tablet or smartphone, in a seamless way.
3. Next of course, we must mention the social bingo phenomenon, if we’re talking about the innovations with software and hardware as above. Online bingo has always featured live chat alongside the virtual cards and daubing. Yet when you combine bingo with Facebook, which is exactly what companies like Zynga have been doing, then the natural sociability of the game is greatly enhanced. Social bingo brings out the warmth and laughter and spontaneity of playing the game online.
4. We may see and expansion of bingo communities that are fully exploiting the trends just mentioned. For example, the Parlay bingo sites as well as 15 Network create their own gaming circles and progressive jackpots, with enough sites involved to give great variety and consistent benefits. On the other hand, with more bingo software and innovations becoming available, there will be plenty of fresh faces on the scene, some even with multiple games suppliers (as we’ve seen with the casino sites).

There is nothing more exciting than trying out a bingo site that has just been released, especially a really good one with brand new features and games. These sites also usually offer great bonuses (BBz) and come up with new and surprising promos.

At the best bingo sites the games will be fresh and can provide with many hours of fun and thrills. This is because they have to try hard in order to attract new players as well as veteran ones. Expect high bonuses, cash prizes as well as improved graphics and exciting side games such as slots, keno, roulette and others.

The Popularity of Online Slots

Bingo players have been seeing a lot more slot games on their favourite bingo sites. To prevent this market from becoming saturated, there are some developers that are attempting to do things a bit differently.

Reinventing the Wheel

New slot games come in wide variety of different forms. Themes include music, fairytales, branded movies and television shows. These are all added into the design of a slot in an attempt to make it more enticing.

We can also spot developers that attempt to reinvent what a slot game is. They can have no reels, take place on a grid, add in new gameplay mechanics and all manner of new features. This is brilliant for players that want to test out new ways to play.

Slot Gaming Sites

Sites specifically for those that love slots are popping up all over the place. These are designed to allow players to enjoy their favourite slots with bonuses built specifically for them. Sister sites can use the slot games from their fellow bingo sites and provide a new place to play.

Slot Bonus Stars

Rewards for slot games on bingo sites are also on the up and up. This ties in with the popularity of these games, as players are eager to get their hands on freebies for these games.

Welcome offers can hold free spins for players, like the offers on WSN sites, which offer players the chance of winning as many as 500 free spins. They can also be part of no deposit offers, such as Big Tease Bingo, which offers a newbie room and free spins. Weekly and special offers with slot bonus funds or freebies can also be found on a variety of sites.

How to Compare Bingo Sites

There are many different ways to compare these websites. We like to know pretty much everything there is to know before signing up and playing on a site, as we want to make sure we’re getting the best. The following points are ones that we always watch out for, and you should too:

No Deposit Bingo Sites

For many players the best thing about fresh bingo websites are the super-high no deposit bingo bonuses that set the industry standards. In other words, they like to give away a LOT of money at the beginning. Some sites, however, choose to do the opposite and offer gradually increasing bonuses the longer you play.

You can look forward to no deposit funds, free spins, access to newbie rooms and more. No deposit slot bonuses are becoming ever more common on bingo sites, so you should look for these if you’d like to play these games for free.

The idea behind the free no deposit bingo bonus is that you can try out the site for free, checking if you like it and gauging whether your chances of winning high bingo prizes are good enough. (Many players believe that newly released sites will give away more prizes making their chances of winning much higher.) This free bingo bonus will usually go into a separate BB account just for playing bingo online — you cannot withdraw it as cash.

Free Spins

Playing with free spins can be a great way to try out some games and even win some funds too. These free spins come with a whole load of terms, conditions and fine print, so ensure you do your research. They’ll generally allow you to play a certain game for a period, with each spin being worth a set amount.

There may also be other terms like an expiry date and maximum win per spin to be aware of. Free spins can be yours as part of a welcome offer, no deposit bonus or regular promo.

Bingo Deposit Bonuses

The deposit benefits that are offered by bingo sites commonly can involve up to 300% cash match or more. What you should also look for is on-going reload bonuses — that is a good way to gauge the overall quality of your sites. Other great benefits include getting free cards, or even free rolls on the attached slot games often present. We expect the bingo-site bonuses to become more creative, more in line with casinos, during 2019.

One important and rare quality that you should always be keen about with bonus dosh is whether or not you’ll be able to ‘keep what you win’ right away, without strings attached. The sites that come to mind first are mFortune and PocketWin, for instance, and we hope more sites will follow suit this year!

On many sites, you can make a minimum deposit of just £5. While this can be preferable for those that don’t want to spend a lot of money, it can also exclude you from offers that have a minimum deposit amount of £10 or more. Also, you may not be able to withdraw any cash until you meet a minimum deposit amount, which can be a lot more than £10.

Games on Bingo Sites

There are a variety of games available on most sites, so you want to make sure you have a lot of them at your disposal where possible. Here are the top categories you will find:

75 Ball Bingo

This version of bingo is the American version, which is a pretty quick affair. Each player in the room will be given a 5 by 5 game grid and the aim is to dab off all the numbers first. If you’re playing pattern bingo then you may also be asked to create a certain pattern on the board, like a star or letter.

90 Ball Bingo

This game is more the standard for UK players, with loads of options on how you can play it. All manner of jackpot games exist within 90 ball bingo lobbies, with all sorts of different jackpots just waiting to be won. The game grid within this is rectangular and you can win with one, two or all three lines completed first.

Bingo Variants

Taking elements of bingo and adding in something new is usually classed as a bingo variant. It’s common to see branded bingo variants, like Emmerdale Bingo or Deal or No Deal Bingo. These can also include totally unique ways to play like Slingo or Cash Cubes Bingo.

Video Bingo

If you love bingo but don’t like having to wait around for other players then you may fancy video bingo. This instant version of the game can be played on WSN sites, among others, and allows players to specify their own ticket prices and schedule.


Coming in all sorts of shapes and forms, slot games are some of the most popular games on the internet at the moment. These can have 3 or more reels and rely on players matching up random symbols to win multipliers on their bets. There are a lot of big name developers out there, like NetEnt and Microgaming, which specialise in making top notch slots.

Casino Games

Table games and more traditional casino games can also be found on bingo sites. These aren’t always the most popular with players, but they can still be a lot of fun. Some players actually favour them as they enjoy the strategy that can be enjoyed with these games.

Scratch Cards

Finally, we come to scratch card games, which are some of the simplest and quickest to play. These games will challenge you to match up symbols on a grid. You set your own wager and then you’re ready to win big.

Safe Sites for Savvy Players

All of the sites that you can be directed to from our site are totally safe to play on. We delve deep into the credentials and safety of a site before we suggest for our readers to play there. They’re all licenced and even allow you to use alternate payment methods to protect yourself.

So how can you tell if a site is safe to play on, other than seeing it here? Look for the following aspects to be sure:

  • Licensing – The site in question should have a valid licence that allows it to be offered to those in the UK. While the licence may be granted in Malta or other territory, it should still be recognised by the Gambling Commission. If you have any doubts, you can look up a site on the Commission’s website.
  • Security – The standard for those taking payments in the UK is to use 128 bit SSL encryption. This means that your payments are kept safe and hidden until they reach the site. Using an alternate payment method can also help to keep you more secure.
  • Operator – You can also look to see which company is behind a bingo site before you play. Big names like Cassava, Jumpman and 888 can be hints that a site is safe for you to play on.
  • Player Reviews – Look on forums and on social media to find out more about what players think. If the players don’t seem overly happy with the security or payouts then you may want to consider playing somewhere else instead.

You should value your safety above all else when you play online, as you don’t want to end up becoming a victim of fraud.

Customer Service

Chat hosts (the people that run Internet bingo games) are super friendly and will run many varied chat games, handing out great prizes, from cash to free bingo cards and other giveaways. Just register and start playing — you’ll soon find yourself caught up in the fun.

Top Cash Win Tip
Many fresh bingos offer guaranteed jackpots at certain games and these can go high as £5000 or even $10K with great value ticket prices. Another trend we hope to see gain momentum is more real things in the mix, like vacations, cars, tablets and other hot toys.


A final way to carry out a comparison of bingo sites, especially if you want also to win big money, is to look at the prizes (e.g. any of the progressive jackpots or other cash prizes). It’s always a good idea to see where the jackpot total stands (and many sites have a real-time ticker somewhere visible), and note how much the jackpot tickets cost. And have a look to see how many players are in the room, too, because this certainly affects how high your bingo prize money could be.

Finally, for anybody who still thinks that bingo is a game for grannies: think again! So many young people from all over the world are logging in to play online that the games itself is gaining many new dimensions. Social bingo, as we noted above, is one of these changes.

Bingo really has become a mainstream source of entertainment, which boasts the possibility of winning hard cash. UK bingo sites are not the only ones flourishing — bingo sites for US players are still thriving, despite the legal issues. Many Americans love bingo and enjoy finding new places to play (as well as slick banking alternatives, like Paysafecard and PayPal, which we cover in depth).


Seeking out the best sites to play on will give you more to play with and a better experience. If you don’t feel like doing the hard work when it comes to checking sites out then just take a look at our reviews. We’ll keep you ahead of the curve with the latest and greatest bingo sites worth playing on.

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