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King Jackpot Bingo gets a makeover

Bingo site like King Jackpot Bingo
Come in and play at the King of 2011 new bingo site releases! Click to try Bingostreet now or read our full review here.

King Jackpot Bingo is back with a bang as great new bingo offers are unveiled at this bingo site.

Though King Jackpot Bingo is not technically one among the new bingo sites, a makeover and new bingo offers may leave many bingo players mistaking kingjackpot.co.uk for a new player in the bingo field.

For those who are not familiar with the site, here are some tidbits. Bingo Jackpot King is a downloadable bingo site. To play at this site, you will need to download their software after which it is easy gaming from thereon.

True to its name King Jackpot Bingo really has some great kingly jackpots and offers for bingo players. The Mega Bingo Marathon scheduled for every night at 10:00pm makes for great bingo gaming with jackpot prizes that range from a guaranteed win of £500 to £5k!!!! What’s more, tickets are only going to cost you a mere £1. And with five free tickets offered on every five purchased tickets, you have ten times more chances to get 100 times or 1000 times returns on your £5.

If you do not yet have a bingo account at this no deposit or credit card required site, sign up today and get yourself a £10 free no deposit bingo bonus. Make a deposit at the site and you will be amazed with a 300% first deposit bonus. Truly, bingo is king size here.

Also enjoy your regular share of free bingo games at king jackpot.com, but…….with a twist. The free bingo games come to you in the guise of paid bingo games. You really do not know which game is free until after you purchase your tickets and the game begins.

The mystery is revealed only after a game begins. It is free if the chat moderates say so. So get hold of your tickets and keep your fingers crossed and who knows you might get lucky and have your ticket money refunded back to your account.

So you see, there are loads of surprises in the revamped new King Bingo Jackpot. Sign up today and get ready for more surprises in this bingo site.