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Last two days of no lose slots offer at bet365 Bingo

Bingo lovers, take some time out to enjoy an exciting array of slots games at bet365 Bingo as there is an exciting No Lose offer in effect now which guarantee all bingo players a 100% cash back on their losses up to £5.

Among the top bonus and promotions offer is the offer which kicked in this Monday on August 8, 2011 and is set to end on Friday, the 12th of August; so you only have two more days to enjoy 100% risk free slots games at this site.

This money back guarantee gives you a promise of enjoying slots games without running the risk of losing your investment in the games should you not make a winning. Agreed the offer is only up to £5 but £5 is quite a lot when it comes to slots games. If you are lucky, you can make a killing here but if you are unlucky, you get your money back. Seriously, can any offer be better than this?

These special no lose slots games is scheduled for every evening between 08:00pm to 09:00pm, giving you a No Lose Slots Hour for two more days, that is a total of two hours of free slots.

If you are interested in these special slots games visit bet365 Bingo and check out the slots games in the the ‘Our Games’ section. Remember the promotion is only applicable on single player slots. Multiplayer slots do not carry this money back promise.

While you cannot have more of bonuses, there are many online bingo players who prefer to forfeit bonuses in order to avoid complications regarding withdrawal of winnings. So, if you belong to this category, fear not, as the bonuses are not imposed on you.

If you do not wish to take advantage of their cashback bonus offer, you can choose to forfeit this bonus. When the popup message informing you of your cashback bonus appears, you can either choose ‘Accept’ to claim this bonus or ‘Decline’ to reject this bonus.

With just two more days to go, all players who want to cash in on this fabulous cashback offer, make a beeline to bet365 Bingo now.