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Learn The Bingo Lingo at Bingo Hollywood!

Bingo LingoBingo Lingo!
Knowing the bingo lingo is an absolute must to any bingo player because if you are in the chat rooms and you don’t understand what other players are saying then you may feel left out.

If you want to learn the bingo lingo and show your friends that you’re up to scratch then CLICK HERE for all the words you will EVER need while chatting in the chat rooms!

Once you have cracked the lingo that is used regularly in the bingo rooms, you will NEVER be left out of the loop in what the meanings are and when your friends win the game you will certainly be able to congratulate them by using the word WTG! (Way To Go)!

Some 75 Ball Bingo Patterns:

  • Blackout/ Coverall!
    What does a blackout or coverall pattern mean? It isn’t referring to a lighting power cut lol as some people may think when they hear the word black out in bingo.   In fact it’s the bingo pattern where all the numbers need to be filled completely to win the cash prize.

Four Corners Pattern!

  • This pattern means what it says; you need to complete the 4 corners on your 75 ball bingo card.  Some people love this game because it’s fast and a popular all time favourite!

Six Pack Pattern!

  • No, it defiantly doesn’t mean what a well build gorgeous man has or a postage stamp lol as some people refer to six packs as part of the some body builders body frames!   It actually refers to matching 4 numbers 2 X 2 on the grid and looks like a postage stamp and can be found near the four corners of your bingo ticket.

There are hundreds of bingo patterns around and many played daily at online bingo sites and one site that offer a HUGE variety of patterns at their website is Hollywood Bingo!

This UK site also offers a MASSIVE first time deposit bonus of 300% alongside a BIG 75% reload bonus on future deposits and is one of the BEST sites to learn the bingo lingo online!

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