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Live Free For A Year promotion at William Hill Bingo

Wow. Its back!!! William Hill Bingo is the online bingo site that you want to be at if you wish to live free for a year. The Live Free For A Year was one of the best bingo promotions in 2011 when sun bingo launched it, making it among the top bingo sites 2011. Now William Hill Bingo has also launched this fabulous promotion for 2012.

Now that Christmas and New Year specials have all played out in the popular bingo sites, it is time to look ahead and find out what else is hot and happening in the coming days. And which other bingo promotion can compare with the Live Free For A Year promotion.

This promotion kick started on December 26, 2011 at Bingo William Hill, right after Christmas and will go on till January 20, 2012. So sign up at William Hill today if you do not wish to waste any more days.

All you have to do is to achieve certain milestones at williamhillbingo.co.uk and you will be in the running for a stress free life in 2012 as you will receive cash payment of £475 every week for a whole year, courtesy William Hill.

You are wondering why £475 per week? Well, that is the standard average weekly household expenditure that has been calculated and which WilliamHillBingo has decided to contribute towards. Pretty generous of them, I would say.

So what do you have to do to get this awesome reward? Any of the following:

  • Wager £1 on bingo tickets
  • Wager £10 on slots games at bingowilliamhill
  • Wager £5 on online scratchcards at this site

Achieve any of the above milestones in one day and you have got yourself a free entry to the online draw that will be held at the close of this contest. The promotional period will end on January 20, 2012 and on January 21, 2012 one lucky winner will be pulled out of the hat to Live Free For A Year!!!!

Just imagine how it would be like knowing that you will receive £475 every week from William Hill Bingo. No more worries about making ends meet or planning your budget for the month. You can take life easy with the extra £475 that you get from here.

Ok, now I know you are itching to win this prize. So here is a tip that might help tip the scales in your favor. There is no limit to the number of entries that you can earn for yourself. So this means, the more times you qualify for an entry ticket, the more entries you have and more likely the chance for your name to be picked in the final draw.

So guys, it is time to bingo. Play your bingo games at bingo.williamhill.com for the next twenty days and increase your chances of landing the coveted prize. But wait, there’s more.

For the next twenty days there will also be daily prize draws which can win you daily prizes ranging from a watch, a family holiday worth £2000, Xbox 360s, Nintento Wii, ipod touch, washing machine, dishwasher, PS3, bonuses, compact camera, Net book,  iPad 2 WiFi and more. Phew.

Lucky winner Carol B from Manchester already laid claim to the 40” 3D TV on December 26, 2011, while twenty other players grabbed the £50 shopping vouchers on December 27.  But there are still more fabulous prizes to grab friends, so make a beeline to this site and begin your bingo account at Bingo William Hill right away.

William Hill Bingo is one of the best bingo sites in UK and have top notch promotions every month at its site. You probably would have heard of the famous daily car giveaway promotion in October. Now with the Live Free For A Year campaign, WilliamHill bingo is set to reign among the top bingo sites 2012. Sign up and start playing bingo at bingo.williamhill.com immediately.