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Love Your Bingo Gives What Bingo Players Want!

Hello Fellow Bingo Roomies,

Today I am going to talk about another good online bingo site I found while on my bingo journeys in the UK.

This online bingo site will stop at nothing to please their players and the exciting bingo site is called ‘Love Your Bingo’ I feel a song coming on before I even write another word (Ha Ha)
>>> Plug your ear phones in lol… La! La!

♫♫Love your bingo, Love your Bingo – B. I. N. G. O!♫♫
♫We all love our bingo, love our bingo and the G.A.M.E.O!♫
♫B. I. N. G. O is the N.A.M.E.O!♫
♫Head on down to ‘Love Your Bingo’ today and grab a G.A.M.E.O!BINGO!♫
I bet you were all singing along with me lol!

HOT Bingo Tip!!
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Now we can all calm down and I can tell you all about my exciting news concerning this site.
Love Your Bingo certainly offers something we all love, a good old bingo tourney game.
Join Fiona in the ‘Special Bingo Bonanza’ room for a fabulous bingo tourney where you can win up to £40.00!

Wacky Wednesday Fun With Fantastic Fiona!
Every Wednesday join fantastic Fiona for 4 hours of bingo fun, where you can pick up some great prizes including some real cash. At this online bingo site, you can join Fiona from 1:30pm and she will shower you with a bingo tourney worth £40 in cash!

How the Tournament Works:

  • Where: Bingo Bonanza Room
  • Buy Tickets and hope you win
  • Tournament Time: 1:30pm until 3:00pm
  • Winning Points: 1 Line = 1 point, 2 Lines = 2 points and the full house = 3 points.
  • The player with the most points at the end of the bingo game wins £40!
    Easy as bingo pie! lol

Chat games will also be playing while the tourney bingo game is running so EXTRA prizes up for grabs such as MP3 players for winners.

We all ‘LOVE’ our bingo so why not try out ‘Love Your Bingo’ and see if it’s for you. You never know you might even bump into old me! (Queen of All Bingo) Ha! Ha!