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Lucky Charms for Bingo Players 

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Head to any bingo hall and you’ll find several players keeping some lucky charms close by as they play. If those same players use online bingo sites, chances are they use the same charms there too. We’re going to find out more about bingo charms and how many there are to choose from.

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How do players try and improve their luck?

There are more ways than you might think to answer this question. Some are common while others are not as well known. We’ve highlighted some diverse options here for you.

Creating a mantra to try and bring good fortune

What is a mantra? It’s a saying you repeat to instil it into your mind. If we apply this to bingo, we’re hoping the saying will bring us some positive results. Here are a few ideas of mantras:

  • I will enjoy the best of luck as I play bingo
  • I am a lucky person
  • Today will produce a lovely prize as I play

Positivity is the order of the day here, as you might expect.

Will your lucky number come up?

Some people believe certain numbers bring them better fortune than others. Numbers are chosen in several ways:

  • Birthdays
  • A special month (from one to 12)
  • Part of a phone number
  • Lucky bingo numbers relating to a previous prize you’ve won
  • Numbers that are thought to be lucky, i.e. seven or eight

As you can see, it’s possible to use numbers others believe to bring good fortune. They do not necessarily need to have meaning to you.

Lucky charms

Most people can think of a few of these – a four-leaf clover is supposed to be lucky, for example. There are other bingo good luck charms too though:

  1. A rabbit’s foot (not as lucky for the rabbit, though)
  2. Cross your fingers and maybe your toes too
  3. A horseshoe (keep it as a U shape and the luck is supposed to stay inside)
  4. A lucky seven or eight charm (both numbers are thought to bring good fortune)

Would you repeat something that worked for you before?

This is how some players create their own lucky charms. We’ve covered numbers already; if you win at bingo, you might prefer the numbers that were lucky for you before.

Here are other ideas that are relevant in this sense:

  • Does one day of the week seem to bring better fortune than others?
  • Do you always seem to be wearing the same kind of clothing?
  • Do you tend to fare better playing bingo on your tablet rather than your computer?
  • Did you get a prize by playing 75-ball bingo and completing a specific pattern?

Of course, we can never be sure our good fortune will continue. However, it’s easy to see how some players would be persuaded to carry on with superstitions or charms.

Do you have any favourite bingo superstitions?

Maybe it’s as simple as playing the same bingo game over all other possibilities. It doesn’t hurt to stay in familiar territory, does it? Whatever you do, make sure you stick to your budget and enjoy the process.

Oh, and good luck!

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