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Mega bingo tournament at Foxy Bingo

Okay bingo fans, the mega six day bingo tournament that was flagged off at the top new bingo site,  Foxy Bingo,  four days ago, has just got two more days left. This means it is time to make sure that all your bingo playing happens at Foxy bingo for the next two days.

For those who do not know what we are talking about, here’s the deal. Foxy Bingo’s six day tournament is set to reward top bingo players with a total bingo prize of £2,500.

Basically, top bingo players for the total six days can ensure themselves a top win and since only two days are remaining for the close of the bingo tournament, if you want your share of this mega prize, make sure all your bingo games are played at Foxy Bingo for the next two days.

Accumulate as many points as you can at Foxy Bingo to be among the top twenty five bingo players in the next two days. Points are allotted such that for every bingo game that you play, you can grab one point each, while a total of 5 points will be credited to your account, should you win any of the 75 ball or 90 ball bingo games.

If you are looking for higher points, then bingo on the special signs such as the Pound Sign, Trophy patterns or Bingo Star. This can push your bingo points up by 10 points for each game.

Twenty four top bingo players can grab prizes that start from £20 onwards, while the top bingo player will win £500.

Don’t forget, the close of this tournament is also immediately followed by the special Big Win Wednesday game where bingo players can lay claim to Thomson Travel vouchers worth £250. Looks like August has begun on the right note for Foxy Bingo players.

And while we are at it, let’s see what else Foxy has got in store for its bingo fans for the first week of August.

The first day begins with mega chances to win amazing Blu-Ray players from 8:00pm onwards to 11:00pm and another grand chance to win the guaranteed jackpot of £1,000 for just 10p. The guaranteed jackpot prize increases to £2,500 on the second day of the month. Of course, tickets to this game cost a wee bit higher at just 25p.

While Wednesday offers the chance to win Thomson Travel vouchers worth £250, on Thursday you can lay your hands to a whopping guaranteed jackpot of £5,000. And if you think this is an amazing offer, then think again; there is more waiting for you on Friday when the guaranteed £10,000 bingo jackpot game is set to be played.

The week ends with two other guaranteed jackpot games of £5,000 on Saturday and £500 on Sunday but the month still holds further promise with top bingo promotions including the chance to win a whole year’s supply of groceries for just 1p. With prices of essentials going up, make sure you look up Foxy Bingo on Friday, August 12, to see if fortune smiles at you and offers you free groceries for a year.

There are many other exciting promotions at Foxy this month. For instance the Bingo Blues Bonus where Foxy rewards you with cashback offers if you are have been unlucky at bingo for five games in a row.

You might also want to check out the membership options at Foxy Bingo where playing more at Foxy is going to reap just rewards for you. You can also win by referring your friend to this foxy site. If your friend is looking to join new bingo sites, then here’s your chance to load up on 5000 bonus points. Refer your friend to Foxy to grab this exciting bonus points.

But all that is for later. Right now with only two more days to go to get your name up on the topmost rungs of the leader board of the tournament game, you need to focus your attention to just plain bingo playing at Foxy Bingo.