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Naked Bingo Player Jailed and Bingo Mugger Caught!

The past few months have seen an increasingly amount of people being sent to jail for robbing people of their money to pay for their bingo addictions.

One bingo player in particular,  from the UK was mugged while waiting on a bus home after playing at her local bingo hall. The robber was caught and sent to jail for his crime and rightfully so, I say!

The woman was heading home from her night at the bingo hall when Paul Hasney attempted to snatch her bag and her phone. Luckily the victim fought back and held onto her bag but the robber got away with her mobile phone and the victim was left with a few scratches and in total fear of going out alone at night and has caused her to stop playing bingo.

Can you imagine how you would feel if you couldn’t play your favourite pastime ‘Bingo’?
We hope that through time the lady can gain the confidence to return to her bingo hall.

Maybe the local bingo halls should think about arranging a bingo bus for all their bingo players not only will it make them feel safe but it would certainly look like the bingo operators care.

Naked Bingo Player Arrested
The police are investigating a Naked Bingo Man, Davis Jeffrey’s, who has been terrorizing local bingo halls around arias Camden to Harrisburg.

When the man wins at bingo he strips down to his underwear and is practically naked.
Many of the ladies who play at the bingo halls think its amusing and Jeffrey’s commented by saying: “I guess I’ve become kind of a celebrity and I’ve even heard ladies at the table saying they wished the Naked Bingo Man would come to their bingo hall.”

He was arrested while doing his usual Elvis strip in the bingo hall and it gets better; the bingo players went to the police station and got him out of the jail.

Jeffrey’s was charged and warned to stay out of the bingo halls.

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