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New Android Bingo Sites

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There was a time when you had to rush to the nearest bingo hall to play your favourite bingo games. However, thanks to the popularity of the game plus the advancements in technology, bingo has travelled all the way to come to you through the Internet.

Till a few years ago, it was online bingo and then came mobile bingo which made way for iPhone Bingo and now the latest fad is Android Bingo. You can now have bingo fun anywhere and anytime, all you need to get started with playing bingo on Android is to download the latest bingo app for Android onto your phone.

At present, there are now quite a lot of mobile bingo sites that come with compatible homepages or with android bingo apps. With these apps downloaded to your phone, you can enjoy Android bingo games with real players for real cash prizes!

What Does the New Android OS/Technology Mean for Bingo Players?

These latest developments in Android technology have revolutionised the ways in which Android bingo players can get their fix of this classic game. For starters, the upgrades to their operating system has drastically helped with the compatibility problems that used to plague these devices when they were first starting out in the gambling market.

So now players can access a wider range of games without worrying about them repeatedly crashing or failing to install.

Also, thanks to upgrades to the technology the latest mobile devices can handle a lot of bingo apps for Android that come with processor-intensive mobile games. This has resulted in players being provided with bigger and better games to play that come with more features and nicer graphics.

BigTease Bingo
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Android VS iOS Bingo

Of course mobile gaming isn’t confined to just bingo for Android devices, you can also use an iOS powered mobile and both of these options come with their own perks and flaws for gaming.

For example, the iOS devices are more powerful and can handle quite a lot of high-intensity mobile games and they’re universally compatible with mobile apps. But their small screens can lead to a lower resolution and you will often accidently press buttons.

Androids, on the other hand, have a huge screen which lets you easily control your games and it also provides a higher resolution rate. Their biggest problem is that they still have compatibility problems with certain mobile apps, although that’s mainly confined to some of the older apps and phones.

Just-For-Fun Apps Vs Real Money Sites

Of course, when you’re playing bingo on your mobile you have two general options; you can either download a free app or access a site directly with your device’s browser.

For example, apps are easy to download, cost nothing to play, have a fun social atmosphere and blend with social media to provide extra rewards for players. However, they do have some compatibility problems with Android devices.

Real money sites on the other hand work universally; have a bigger game selection and some pretty large cash prizes to play for.

Mobile Compatible Bingo Sites

One of the major android bingo sites that offers player bingo on android is mFortune, but it’s not alone as there are other sites that provide mobile bingo, here’s a few worth checking out.

Bingo Hollywood:

A first deposit of at least £5 on this site will land you a 500% bonus and 1,000 Star Points to get you started on their loyalty programme. Plus you will also have seven days of free bingo in their ‘Newbie’ room.

Glossy Bingo:

Whilst you’re making a first deposit on this website you will be able to get your hands on a large 250% bonus to get more from your money.

Lucky Touch Bingo:

A £10 no-deposit bonus awaits anyone registering for an account on this site, then when you make your first deposit you will be able to claim a 500% bonus. You will also be given a 350% and 300% bonus for your second and third top-ups.

Android bingo games have progressed incredibly far in the last few years and with new developments hitting the mobile market almost every month it’s a growing genre that’s showing no signs of slowing down.

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