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New Bingo Advert By The Sun Bingo!

I can confirm that the new Sun Bingo TV Advert’ is now showing on our TV screens.  Many other brands use similar techniques with similar TV adverts.

Do you think the new Sun Bingo advert will draw our attention and make us jump for joy?  The advert certainly is an improvement on previous adverts from ‘Sun bingo’ and who knows maybe these offerings are going to get bigger and better!

The song is catchy and was stuck in my head for quite some time and at the end of the day isn’t that what advertising is about, making your brand stand out from the crowd?

I love the hairdo in this avert big white fluffy balls and bubbles will now be this online bingo sites mascot but will she be able to compete with ‘Jackpot Joy’s Mascot’ Barbara Windsor’?
Or otherwise known as ‘Peggy Mitchell’ in Eastenders!

With many new bingo sites appearing rapidly, many established sites like ‘Sun Bingo’ have to step up their game with good adverts and promotions and at this online bingo site, I think the current advert might just clinch it for the time being!

It is certainly worth viewing this great advert and you can do so by clicking the link below:

The Sun Bingo Bubbles Bubble

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