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New Bingo Sites 2011

You already have a list of the bingo sites that have launched so far in 2012, but in case you fancy having a nosey, we have the best selection of the best bingo sites launched in 2011 are all here!

If you are an online bingo fan then you probably like to know about the bingo sites launched in the last few years.  This is why we have this handy little page – to show you what 2011 brought you!  This is perfect for us all to compare and contrast the differences and is useful for us to speculate about future bingo sites.

UK online bingo websites are hugely popular and there has been a huge increase in the number of players each and every year. Every month there are new bingo sites launching and 2011 was of course, no different.

New Free Bingo Sites 2011

2011 saw a massive increase in online bingo websites offering free bingo games and this is set to continue through the remainder of 2012. We have seen higher and higher bingo bonuses in bingo sites and if 2011 proved anything, it was that free online bingo games are extremely popular and more and more people are looking for budget bingo games. Players love free and the fact that they can actually win real cash has given these games a tremendous boost. What’s gonna happen with the new bingo sites 2012??

According to the statistics of 2011, free bingo has become one of the most sought after features when it comes to players choosing online bingo websites.  2011 brought more of these free games with players receiving better no deposit bingo bonuses too.

New Bingo Games

Software development played a big part in shaping world of 2011 sites, with notable improvements.  2011 brought bingo sites with better playability and more features as well as a TONNE of scratchcard games with way better prizes. 2011 also saw bigger and bigger jackpot prizes on both 75 ball bingo games and 90 ball bingo games.  Progressive jackpots were also going to be in higher demand too, which is why to this day we are seeing more and more of these treats.

Online bingo players can expect first class treatment from new bingo sites in 2012 – competition in the UK was as fierce as it is today and there was no reason to put up with anything less than a fabulous experience at any bingo site!  Promotions got bigger and better and 2011 saw cruises, new cars and massive cash amounts being offered to players, which of course has set a precedent and these awesome prizes have continued into later years.

Only one thing is better than playing at new bingo sites and that’s playing at brand-new-free-no-deposit bingo sites!

What is it about free bingo sites with no deposit strategies that draws all the players like buzzing bees to a honey jar? To get a clearer idea of just how significant this issue is for online bingo, it makes sense to look at the two components separately: no deposit bingo and new bingo sites.

But why wait for us to tell you the benefits, simply click on and see for yourself right now!

Top new bingo 2011 tip:
Look out for new bingo sites’ “opening specials”, which most of the sites offer while for a limited time after they open their doors to the bingo community for the first time.
There are usually some promotions, juicy specials and merchandise on their offer to add a little extra excitement to opening day.

Who doesn’t love new things? Whether it’s a new handbag, car or trout rod, fresh arrivals always seem to promise something superior and better. The bingo sites of 2011 offered something genuinely interesting, not just some new-fangled car scent attracting people in!  Players flocked to new sites and the bingo industry seemed more gung ho throughout 2011, a sentiment that has carried on to this day!  Everyone is trying to out-do each other by giving enhanced service and paying attention to the various needs of customers! And this includes the no deposit no credit card offer.

The free no deposit bingo component is reasonably simple to understand. You have the chance to get familiar with a website without digging deep into your pockets, and ideally without having to search for a credit or debit card either. Brand new bingo sites with free no deposit offers are especially relevant to inexperienced players who can get a sense for the game without having to take any risks or worry about making a mistake.

To sum up – bingo was thriving in 2011 and this boom is still continuing to this very day! Bingo sites will always present fresh and exciting offers and this is undoubtedly part of the charm of playing at them.