Online Bingo Sites 2012

Every single year you can expect an influx of excellent brand new bingo sites, so if you are looking for a new bingo site in 2012 then this very page is the only one that you will ever need!  Until 2013 hits, we will be bringing you all of the very best of 2012, and if the most recent new bingo sites are any indication then you are likely to be in for some mega treats for the rest of 2012!  So sit back, strap yourself in and feast your eyes on the very best online bingo sites 2012 has to offer!

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1.Cheers BingoBrAnD nEw!! Freshly squeezed out of the bingo world!! Huge bonuses!!! Up to £2500 welcome bonus! [Read more...]no deposit bingo bonus
2.Bingo StreetNo one could have predicted this site's success. Was it lucky or is there something special about this street's community feel? Or is it the 200% welcome bonus + £5?[Read more...] new bingo sites
3.Fabulous BingoA Fabulous no deposit surprise had fallen on us this year!! £5 Free simply for signing up!! 200% First deposit welcome bonus!! [Read more...]5 GBP FREE
4.Bingo HollywoodBingo Hollywood opens a door for everyone to the glamorous world of the stars!! 300% Welcome Bonus + 75% on reloads!!!
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5.Dream BingoFairly new in the UK but with such an amazing bonus scheme we could not resist!!! £15 + 300% Nope you're not dreamin' [Read more...]new dream bingo

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So what will it take for these great sites from 2011 to be superseded by the fabulous bingo sites 2012 will bring?

The 2012 Challenge

If you are wondering how the new sites of 2012 will challenge the already established sites then one thing that will give you a good indication of the standard is to consider recent technological advances and the fact that bigger and better bingo software is being developed constantly. There will be a race amongst both new and established bingo sites to capitalize upon the fact that people are expecting greater and greater things from bingo software, so 2012 has already proven to be particularly interesting!  Believe it or not, we’re still in the infancy of the increasingly popular game of bingo in a wired world and the technological leaps of online bingo are fast moving into a phase of refinement. There will be more complexity in the software and the services offered, so we will take a look at what those refinements are in a moment.

People expect much more from their online bingo experience and online bingo sites featuring well developed, busy and interesting social media sites will factor in how online bingo evolves in 2012.

Watch this phrase: “New Bingo Sites December 2012”

You will have seen this phrase headlining many bingo blogs since  2011 and seeing as both 2011 and 2012 have been booming, this is not likely to change anytime soon.  Players constantly want better and fresher treats and games, so for the remaining 2012, this is likely to continue. Online gaming has made massive strides in the Western world, strides that also encompass greater social acceptance and legitimacy. This is even illustrated in Washington DC itself; they will be creating state-run casino games that will bring in tax revenue and provide oversight for online casinos!  If it’s good enough for Obama, it’s good enough for us!

There is a plethora of the newest bingo sites out there, such a large amount that no one really dreamed possible!  You are spoiled for choice – supply is up, demand is also up!  But the supply end (bingo sites) will be competing very hard for the demand (that’s us, the players) for the remainder of 2012. Because of the calibre of the new bingo sites in the industry, existing sites  will need to keep supplying bountiful bonuses, gifts and innovative incentives as these new sites work to build their market shares of loyal players.

year 2011 gave us some prime bingo moments, with fabulous new bingo sites and other perks:


January – Live cams introduced to Bingo with the fun-filled BingoCams.

February – Gala Bingo give away $4 mil jackpots in one crazy week.

March – Bingo players pampered with luxury vacation cruises.

April – ‘Lost City of Atlantis’ – picked as most loved non-bingo game among bingo players.

May – Bingo Street comes up with a bang!

June – Mobile Bingo is here to stay!

July – Cheeky Bingo gets cheeky with £20K jackpots.

August – Bingo Cams host their notorious summer beach party.

September – Oh yes! Cash avalanche @ Bet365 Bingo.

October – Nutty Bingo finally launches, bingo fans cheer.

November – Landmark Bingo prepares for Christmas with £10K prizes.

December – Massive £990,685 Won at Jackpotjoy 3 Days before Christmas!

And already 2012 has brought us Robin Hood Bingo, the excellent Bingo 3X, film-buff favourites Showreel bingo and tonnes more!  We are waiting with baited breath to see what the coming months and of course 2013 will have in store!

New Online Bingo 2012 – Anywhere

Get ready for a jump into what will feel like a ‘futuristic’ future, as you play bingo either on your desktop, laptop, phones or tablets. Smaller though they are, smart phones and tablets may indeed lead the development of bingo software used by 2012’s new sites because of one technical feature: their touch-screens.

And tablet computers like the iPad will begin to erode the prevalence of online bingo played with a conventional computer, requiring a mouse or track pad to control virtual cards.

Fortunately for the players, new bingo websites 2012 brings plenty to be cheerful about. More bingo bonuses, more free games, better online services involving the touch-screen and live video, and, perhaps best of all: more accessibility, as online bingo achieves social acceptance.