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New iBingo App Kicks Off the Winter Gaming Season

At present iBingo is releasing new mobile Bingo apps, evidently for iPhone and Android. These goodies are coming to us during the market’s lull in software releases. From insider glimpses, the game looks loaded and cleanly built.

Its welcome bonus package is competitive: £15 free trial as no deposit bingo, then 200% cash match on first deposit.

Very similar to the bingo websites you already know, iBingo runs casino attractions as side-games alongside 75-ball, 80-ball and 90-ball bingo.

A nice feature of this bingo app is the choice we have to play in the local setting or in a networked room. The atmosphere in each is quite distinct, and being able to select is a boon.

As opposed to big online bingo brands simply carrying their household names int0 mobile apps, the ibingo brand-name is new. Its ties are to the communities of buyers who are fans of particular mobile devises like the iPad, rather than mainly bingo gamers.

But of course, bingo and mobile devises are proving a very creative pair — so i-Bingo appears to have read the winds correctly. Games like bingo for mobile have been known to generate revenues that exceed Facebook’s ad earnings.

The fact that this game’s look-and-feel is modest, grey and white, means that everyone understands what is most important: tight bingo games and mobile convenience — there’s no need to rely on flashy graphics.

So let’s hope that www.ibingo.co.uk is a great omen for this winter’s gaming season, and may it signal a plentiful supply of charming new mobile bingo apps like this one!