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New trends in new Dragonfish bingo sites

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The last couple of months has been quite a spectacular two months for bingo players with the release of many new dragonfish bingo sites. Here is a look at some of these new releases.

Nutty Bingo is one of the first sites that we will mention as, despite it being among the new dragonfish bingo sites, Nutty Bingo has several features that are unique from traditional dragonfish sites offering bingo. For instance it launched with a £5 no deposit bingo bonus – something that is not a trait of dragonfish sites in general. Another unique feature of this  site is that it allowed bingo players a choice of playing in local rooms as well as in network bingo rooms. This is something new, which quite a few dragonfish sites are currently offering.

Bingo Waves is the next among the new dragonfish bingo sites that is making waves in the bingo community. The site launched recently and taking a leaf from its predecessors, also offered a £10 free signup bonus. What is special about Waves Bingo is that it offered bingo players the flexibility of play no credit card required bingo, as it offered the option of bingo with paypal and bingo with ukash, right from the start.

Bingo Night In is again a new bingo site that is powered by Dragonfish. The site has fantastic bingo offers such as free bingo games for real prizes every single day and deposit bonuses of up to £100 on first deposits, while redeposits attract another 50% in bonuses. True, the site sports a girly image, but that is no reason for guys to turn away from this fabulous new bingo site. Try Night In Bingo, on your next night in.

There are still more bingo sites Dragonfish waiting in the wings. For instance Lippy Bingo is set to release soon and is expected to be among the new bingo sites 2012. Lippy Bingo is also expected to offer bingo players a choice between network bingo rooms and local bingo rooms.

Similarly in the wings is another Dragonfish bingo site, We Want Bingo which will also cater to the rising trend of network and local bingo rooms. Bingo 3X is another Dragonfishbingo site that is awaiting a launch. So bingo players, get ready to be swamped with many Dragonfish new bingo sites.