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Newest Bingo Sites

There are a number of new online bingo websites that are getting ready to launch in the next couple of months and I wanted to take the opportunity in this article to give you a little bit of information about what you can expect to find on these new bingo sites.

These new bingo sites include Back2School Bingo, Butler’s Bingo, the new Ruby Bingo and Bingo Cams:

All Saints Bingo doesn’t have a launch date as yet but rumors are that it will be offering a £10 no deposit bonus to all new players.  This site might be running the Dragonfish bingo software but this hasn’t been confirmed either.  If you go to their website you will see that it is still under construction but the colors they are using look really nice.

Tryst Bingo are offering £10 free when you make your first deposit of £10.  Their website is full of pinks and it looks quite promising.  This bingo website seems to be up and running and has everything you would expect to find.

Bingo Please is also among the newest bingo sites and it will be running on the Dragonfish software.  There aren’t that many details about this new bingo site yet but we are expecting to see 20 free bingo tickets and a 100% bonus on your first deposit.

Four Seasons Bingo is still under construction so there is no information available.  Bingo Kisses is due to open its doors very soon and this new bingo site will also have the normal online bingo features but nothing has been confirmed as yet.  Bingo Euphoria is also still under construction and their website uses a lot of blues and green but looks really nice.  They are stating on their website that all new players will get £25 free and a 200% first deposit bonus.

New bingo sites June 2011 will be launching very soon and as soon as they do more information will become available for players.  As with all the newest bingo sites in order for these to do well they will need to give new players a very good reason to sign up with them to compete with existing websites. Promotions are very important to online bingo players as is customer service and community.  These new bingo sites already have a lot of competition so it is important for them to offer great signup deals and of course great promotions to get players interested in signing up.

You can visit all of these bingo websites and play bingo for money but remember they are still under construction at the moment.  You will be able to pick up a little bit of information about what these new sites have to offer including the number of bingo rooms available and the promotions that they are planning to run when they launch.  Be sure to check out the terms and conditions of each site and the deposit and withdrawal methods before making your choice.

An interesting consortium of brand new bingo sites are opening up in 2011. The promotional offers are bigger, the sites are more eye-catching and the jackpot amounts are also much higher this year. The bingo fans are raving to find out the best of the newly released bingo sites.

These brand new bingo sites attract their players with excellent cash back bonuses and free bingo offers. This article refers to some of the newly released bingo sites and their latest offers.

Back2School Bingo is one among the brand new bingo sites. Once you register at this site, make sure that you claim your £1 free bingo bonus that is offered to new players to play games at the site. Take a look at the bingo games available. The appeal of the games and a highly entertaining time at this site will make you return to this site. A 200% first time deposit bonus awaits you when you make your first deposit here.

Another new player in the online bingo field is Bingo Cams. This site is gaining popularity for their amazing idea of integrating the webcams of the bingo players with their site. This allows players to see other bingo players. A £5 no deposit bingo bonus and the 200% first deposit bonus are additional features that attract you to this 2011 bingo site.

Ruby Bingo is also one of the new bingo sites of 2011. They are offering a £16 no deposit bonus at this site along with a 300% first deposit bonus.

It certainly looks like 2011 is going to be an exciting year for the online bingo players. The bingo market is now crowded with the newly released bingo sites and yet there is always room for still newer sites in the bingo field. With a plethora of games, bonuses, promotions and new sites, bingo players have a wide and varied choice before them.

Every new online bingo site brings lots of expectations with it. These expectations are especially for players who are looking to cash in on the new site, by playing some free bingo games on it, with the free welcome bonuses that they will be getting. To counter their competition, which are the existing bingo sites, the new bingo sites try to give away better bonuses and rewards. There is lots of free stuff, bigger jackpots, flashier games and better bonuses.

So, let’s have a look at whats at the top of the list of all new bingo sites which are going to hit the internet very soon:

  1. 888 Bingo: www.888bingo.com is going to be the next site from the popular online gaming company, 888 holdings of Gibraltar. After the immense success of 888 ladies, these guys have decided to make something bigger and better to lure in the customers whom they missed out earlier. As the creators of the site are very experienced, you can expect a hassle free gaming experience. The management assures that the creative teams are working hard on the games and are trying to work up more and more innovative and exciting stuff to pack the site with. Apart from the core, www.888bingo.co.uk will have a lot of outer glitter too. You will have bonuses both no deposit and deposit types. The amounts of these are not yet disclosed, but are expected to be at par, if not higher than the current trends. Sources suggest that the sites will be mostly made up of flash-based games. These games can be directly played from the browser and thus need no downloads. Apart from bingo, other casino and arcade games can also be a part of this online bingo fiesta. You can also get updated at New bingo sites by Jackpot Jane.
  2. Bingo Hollywood: The launch of this much-awaited new site Bingo Hollywood is set to be in mid-February. However, sources suggest that some of the games of this site will be activated and will be available for play from the mid of January itself. Sources also suggest that the work on this site is going on in full speed, but is taking to long because the creators have designed the site very differently and thus the new ideas that are to be a part of the whole project are taking their time to be perfected. The highlight of this new bingo website is to be the glamorous aspect of the games. All the games are supposed to be inspired by Hollywood. So, you can expect to see games inspired by Hollywood blockbusters, stars, characters and all the other film-land goodies that people love. And it’s not only the looks that will match. The games will be more exciting and fast, to match the speedy lines of Hollywood. The jackpots will be regular, supported by the best of no deposit, deposit and other kinds of bonuses.
  3. May 2010 all new site of the month: RedBus Bingo – with wonderful collection of slot and free bingo games

So, keep your fingers crossed and expect the best, because I am pretty sure that both of these sites will not offer anything a bit less than the best.

There are numerous brand new bingo sites online that are gearing up to open in the subsequent couple of months.  This article is a little taster to what one can expect to uncover on some of these fresh bingo sites. So get yourself ready and Bingo away because it is warming up!!
These latest bingo sites comprise Tryst Bingo, All Saints Bingo, Bingo Please, Bingo Kisses, Four Seasons Bingo, Bingo Euphoria and Bingo Cams.

All Saints Bingo had not settled their launching date yet but rumor has it that this site will be presenting a 10£ no deposit bonus to all of their new players. This site might run by the Dragonfish software for bingo but this hasn’t been established either. If you tend to visit All Saints Bingo you will notice it is still being created. However, the design already looks stunning!

Of all the newest bingo sites, Tryst Bingo is presenting 10£ first deposit bonus to a first deposit of 10£.Their site is filled with pink color and it looks pretty promising. This brand new bingo site appears to be upbeat and operating and has almost everything one expects to find.

Bingo please is as well amid the newest bingo sites and this site will be organized on the Dragonfish bingo software. There are no details found about this fresh bingo site yet but it is anticipated to grant you with free bingo tickets and a 100 percent bonus on your first deposit. Every passing day bingo sites new releases are hitting the market.

The Four Seasons Bingo is still under undergoing development so there is almost no information obtainable. Bingo Kisses should open its gates very shortly and this new bingo site is also planned to have the regular online bingo texture but not everything has been resolved yet. Bingo Euphoria is as well under creation and their website is using lots of blues and greens but looks truly nice. They are affirming on their site that all of their new players will actually get 25£ free and a 200 percent first deposit bonus.