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Now play live bingo at Lights Camera Bingo

Bored with invisible hosts and voice based bingo calls? Then sign up with Lights Camera Bingo today and get to enjoy the feel of a live bingo game. ‘Lights, Camera, Action’ – the familiar prelude before the camera goes live has just been replaced with ‘Lights, Camera, Bingo’ at one of the new bingo sites aptly called, lights camera bingo.

Bingo Lights Camera is among the new launches of 2011 bingo sites. In fact it made its debut as Quiz Show Bingo as there were fabulous quiz sessions for bingo players interested in grabbing extra bonuses. Not soon after its launch Quiz Show Bingo changed to Lights Camera Bingo and that should have been our first clue that the site is planning some live bingo action behind the scenes.

So now we have live bingo at lightscamera bingo.co.uk. Sadly the live bingo games do not play 24/7. This new bingo feature is only available from 7:00 pm to 10:00 pm every day. LightsCameraBingo is probably testing the waters to see how well live bingo is accepted by the audience. If the hosts manage to connect well with the players, it is likely we will see an extension from three hours to the whole day or at the very least a few hours more.

So if you have been keen on getting to watch the three popular hosts live, here is your chance. The trio will come online from 7:00pm everyday, so get ready for some live interaction with your favorite chat hosts.

Plenty of entertainment is guaranteed at the live bingo games at lightscamerabingo.com as the three hosts has got a delightful spread of treats – be it with Paul’s take on the daily soaps or the celebrities, Claire’s interest in astrology or some cheeky fun with unpredictable Keith.

If you have been looking for that extra zing in your bingo games, it is time to check out Lights, Camera, Bingo today.