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Pavilion Bingo Club Closes its Doors!

Hello Fellow Bingo Roomies,

I hope you’re all well and winning some serious bingo cash.

Today I bring some news to the bingo industry concerning another bingo hall that has recently closed its doors.

The Pavilion Bingo in Roose Road Barrow has ceased bingo trading and 14 workers have been made redundant.   The reason behind the closure was apparently because of ‘Difficult Trading Conditions’

Many people think that this was brought on by the no smoking ban.  Bingo records have shown that the bingo halls in the UK are struggling really hard to operate with a good profit.

The increase started to show 2007 with 34 halls closing, 2008 with 25 halls closing, 2009 with 29 halls closing, 2010 saw 12 closures and in 2011 12 closed halls.    The decline looks shorter compared to 2007 but we are reading every day about  bingo clubs closing or finding it difficult to operate.

The Pavilion which was run and organised by Malcolm Fleming and his wife for over eleven years.   The breaking news was broke earlier this week and the organisers said ““The way things are with the leisure industry, we decided we couldn’t go on any longer and had to close down.”

He continued to comment by saying “We would like to thank our superb staff and very loyal customers for their great support in the past but under the present economic conditions, this is the only route we can take.”

A bingo spokesperson commented:The rate of closure has slowed down in the last five years, but it’s proved increasingly difficult for those that remain in the industry to move forward with their business.

Lots of people want to relate it to the smoking ban, but the primary driver is a tax regime which is punitive for the bingo industry and “It’s about the most highly taxed gambling activity in the UK.”

He said:Barrow is losing a community and social facility, as well as an employer, never mind the loss individual players will feel.

“There will be regular players who will greatly miss being able to go to their regular club and interact with people.”


But have no fear ‘Queen of All Bingo’ is here to deliver you with our daily bingo fix and today I want to talk about a newish bingo site called “Nutty Bingo”.

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