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Play Bingo with your Phone

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Smart phones are changing the way people use computing in their daily lives, allowing them to play whenever they feel like it and freeing them from desktops and laptops. The ‘phone’ function of these mobile devices is no longer their most important feature. In addition to countless apps and services, mobile bingo games are increasingly available for your smart phone. But it depends on which handset you have…

Can I play bingo on my phone?

All phones are different but the most important difference is between Apple and the rest:

Most sites with games offering real jackpots or free no deposit bingo can be played on Android and Blackberry models, however iPhones are limited to those online bingo companies offering special mobile bingo.  There are also iPhone bingo apps with pretend stakes as Apple is very strict about gambling and restricts software developers from creating real money iPhone applications.

Why play mobile games?

What is the main difference between the experience when you play bingo with mobile phone and play using a computer? It’s all in how you play your hand, literally.

The main draw of mobile sites is the power to play by actually touching the screen. The conventional online bingo experience involves using a mouse or laptop touch-pad, which are both relatively disjointed compared to interacting directly with the game underneath your fingertips.

The touch-screen advantage brings mobile bingo rooms more into the realm of your natural physical environment. This means that the experience is more tactile, more like holding a real bingo card. It’s also faster and more fun than using a mouse.  Any reviews that only go on and on about bonuses offered by mobile games, or even their graphics, without evaluating the way that the touch-screen advantage is used to improve the game play is really missing the point.  Mobile phone bingo sites should take the time to show you how well their mobile games perform. For example, will the game depend upon the connectivity and signal strength? This is especially important in the case of real cash games, for obvious reasons. The future of the mobile sites depends on how well they explain the technical complexities of the new devises in simple ways that most lovers of bingo can understand. Not all of these players are college students or geeks, after all.

Mobile Bingo with Chat?

Another big area for innovation, which may make or break new mobile bingo games, is how they present their chat rooms. The chat function has really become an essential feature — even for people who would not normally use chat rooms to communicate. That’s because a chat makes the game more like the original physical space in which bingo got its start. In that space, people talk and joke with each other, as well as share their successes.

Additionally, chat panels are places to find extra bonuses, specials, hints and encouragement from CM’s, or ‘chat moderators’, who perform the role that bingo callers used to fill in the traditional halls of old. Smart phones offer huge advantages if you like that personal feel of real bingo.

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