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Play the £4k holiday vouchers game tonight at 888Ladies

Happy New Year to All!!! It’s a glorious new day and a glorious New Year to boot. Definitely today is the best day to plan your year out including planning a holiday break in 2012. Cheer up; this should not seem as  such an impossible idea to you as tonight you can try for holiday vouchers worth £4k at 888Ladies Bingo.

That’s right! 888Ladies Bingo has lined up for you a fantastic 90 ball bingo game where you get to win holiday vouchers. The prizes are as follows:

  • Single line winner – £750 worth of holiday vouchers
  • Two line winner – £1250 worth of holiday vouchers
  • Full house winner – £2000 worth of holiday vouchers

Sign up with Bingo 888Ladies immediately and purchase your bingo tickets to this game for £1. If you were smart enough to sign up early on and work your way to collecting Getaway points, then you probably have got yourself also some free bingo tickets to this game. If not, just spend £1 on a bingo ticket today and you may be packing your bags for a holiday this year.

While the game is scheduled tonight at 09:00pm at the 888ladies Xmas Tab, as per tradition, 888ladies.com will remain open a full hour after this game for partying, and will host another round of bingo games with tickets ranging from 5p to £1. Plus there will be loads of chat games with an opportunity to stock double chat points as well.

This is just the start to the New Year. 888 Ladies Bingo is famed for its range of such exciting promotions in 2011 and in all likelihood will continue to be among the top bingo sites 2012 with still more exciting promotions. So all you holiday lovers, sign up today and keep your date with 888 Ladies Bingo and make the most of this wonderful opportunity to win a holiday for just £1 a bingo ticket.