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Red Bus Bingo £2K Game is Smoking HOT!

Red Bus Bingo is offering something different during the run up to ‘New Year 2012’. Aside from their other big jackpot games as part of Joy of Bingo network, they are playing their own £2K ‘Big Smoke Game’ this will play on Friday, 30th December at 9:45pm.

What a very nice ending to the year and this would be a great amount of money to win just in time to spend in the ‘January Sales 2012’.

The breakdown of the prize money will be: 1 Line Prize = £350, 2 Lines Prize = £650 and the Full House Prize = £1,000!!  “I have already started dreaming about what I would spend all that cash on and my first port of call would certainly be the ‘January Sales’”

Everyone loves ‘FREE Bingo’ and this is always high on ‘Red Bus Bingo’ agenda, where you can win up to £1,000 every single game and every single day at ‘Red Bus Bingo’ The games kick off at 9:15pm and the lucky winner would defiantly be smiling all the way to the cashier – Do NOT pass go!! (lol)

Most sites play ‘Free Bingo’ where you can win the odd £5 or £10 prized pots but at ‘Red Bus Bingo’ Free bingo is the highest payouts we have ever seen in the online bingo world to date.

This is a no deposit required bingo site and they offer a HUGE sign up bonus of up to 2000%.  This online bingo site has everything that bingo players look for.

What can I say? Well, I would say JOIN REDBUS BINGO NOW!!
The site that certainly has what it takes to make bingo roomies HAPPY!

From one roomie to another roomie “ You have nothing to lose at this site, try out their free bingo and if you like it which I am sure you will LOVE the Red Bus Bingo site then make a deposit and you will get a MASSIVE sign up bonus!

♫My  Red Bus Bingo Song! Ha! Ha!
♫♫The bingo wheels on the bus turn your jackpots round and higher – round and higher,  all day longggggggg!♫♫
♫♫The bingo horn jackpots on the bus go beep, beep, beep – beep, beep, beep and get bigger all day longggggggg!♫♫
♫♫The bingo games on the bus are won, won, won – won, won, won all day longggggggg!♫♫
♫♫The bingo FREE games on the bus are FREE, FREE, FREE, – FREE, FREE, FREE,  all day longggggggg!♫♫

All aboard and play Red Bus Bingo.