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RedBus Bingo Offer FRIENDS DVD Box Set And More!

TV Friend’s fanatics can get the chance to scoop up the entire box set of DVDs this weekend only at Red Bus Bingo! The game kicks off on Sunday 8th January 2012.

All you need to do is play bingo in 75 ball bingo room and be one of the top bingo players to win the most times on the ‘Coffee Mug Pattern’ If you’re a winner then you will walk away with a 15th Anniversary DVD Friends Box Set absolutely FREE! This set contains 40 DVDS with hours of fun ahead for one lucky winner!

Upcoming Fantastic Games at Red Bus Bingo:
Playing on Tuesday 10th January is the £150.00 Oxford Street game, where you can grab £150 worth of leisure vouchers only at this top online bingo site!

Game Details:
Name of Game: £150 Oxford Street
Date: Tuesday 10th January, 2012.
Game Time: 8:45pm
Ticket price: 50p
Maximum Tickets: 48

For a maximum of £24.00 you are in for a chance of scooping those £150 Leisure vouchers! Not bad for £24 eh?

At this online bingo site the bus is always 10 miles ahead of all others and they are offering players a chance to share a prize of £100.  The game is called ‘Crown Jewels Competition’ and to qualify and be a winner in this game all you have to do is wager on any of your favourite and popular instant games and you never know you could just be catching the winning bus on time and scoop up the winning bingo prize.

As if you thought this bingo site couldn’t get any better then you’re very much mistaken.
For only a penny you can win a £100.00 bingo prize and all you need to do is join in on the ‘Penny Pinchers’ games which are played every Saturday at 9:00pm.

Bingo Prizes: 1 Line is £15.00, 2 Lines is £25 and the full house is for £60.00.  The maximum tickets you can buy are 96 and  for a maximum of 96p you could be running away with £100 from Red Bus Bingo!

Wait for me Red Bus Bingo, I like the sound of this! Beep Beep!

Remember to catch the bus and don’t be late for any of the Red Bus bingo promotions!
They’re certainly worth taking down in your bingo diary!

All Aboard the Big Red Winning Bus and Buy You’re Lucky Tickets TODAY!!

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