Red bus Bingo

The online bingo industries newest mover and shaker Redbus Bingo is whipping up a storm of enthusiasm among the community and the most cursory glance around the site will make the reasons for the frenzy immediately clear. Not only is the site very sexy and user friendly but offers a set of opening specials and standard features that quite simply defy description. The Redbus Bingo free bingo rooms are one of these promos that elevate the site head and shoulders above the pack.

Redbus Bingo is a site that has it’s origins in the super popular Redbus free play bingo room at the Landmark Bingo site. The overwhelming success of this concept led the site owners to feel that it would work well as a stand-alone bingo site in its own right. And how right they were. After some almost hysterical pre-release hype the site went live and stunned everyone from the get-go with some of the most notable features to grace an online bingo site ever.

One of these features is the £1,000 daily free bingo on offer. You heard right, you can play for jackpots worth 1000 pounds for free at Redbus Bingo every single day. Now free play is nothing new to the online bingo community but a grand a day on the house certainly is. That is a huge bonus for Red Bus Bingo members and is sure to foster the same intense enthusiasm that was evident in the Landmark free bingo room of the same name.

This outstanding feature is to be found in three separate rooms namely the 200 Free, 300 Free and 500 Free rooms. As the names indicate the free play jackpots featured in each of the rooms are £200, £300 and £500. The games start an hour apart with the 200 Free game kicking off at 8.15pm followed by the 300 Free game at 9.15pm and the 500 Free game at 10.15pm.

Tickets for these games are, of course free and are limited to a minimum of one and a maximum of six tickets per guest per game. Each room’s jackpot is split between three winners in the following ways:

200 Free – 1 line £30, 2 lines £70, fullhouse £100
300 Free – 1 line £50, 2 lines £100, fullhouse £150
500 Free – 1 line £100, 2 lines £150, 3 lines £250

These are extremely generous free play jackpots and as mentioned certainly play a large role in the popularity of the Redbus phenomenon both as a fee play room and as a stand-alone site. And if this was not enough, the site features additional free play in the Free Ride room with games being played between 8am and 1 am daily. That is a huge amount of free play and one can expect these games to be jam packed just as the Redbus room was at Landmark, so get in early.

This is definitely not the end of the allure of the site and the Redbus Bingo free bingo games are only one of the many reasons why one should hop on the bus right now!