Full Review of Red Bus Bingo

Red Bus Bingo

Redbus Bingo has quickly risen through the online bingo ranks to from a mere free play bingo room its well deserved present position as one of the industry leaders. This meteoric rise of
redbus bingo has been due, in no small part, to red bus bingo dedication to supplying the very best of everything the bingo community wants. That includes some of the biggest and most exciting promotional events the industry has ever seen. Let’s take a look at a couple of these in particular.

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Click HERE to Play RedBus Bingo

Red Bus Bingo welcome bonus

The newest bonus scheme in the UK is already making headlines and all thanks to Red Bus Bingo’s creative operators. Players can deposit as little as £10 and scratch a card to win up to 2000% deposit bonus. A quick calculation will show that players can get up to £2000 deposit bonus. That’s unheard of.

Big Ben Bonanza

Every Friday at 9.30pm one of online bingo’s absolute premium bingo events plays out in redbus bingo Big Ben room. This big red bus bingo is a bingo game quite unlike any you have ever seen which will reward a bingo on even the slowest night with a whopping £500. This sliding scale game pays out bingos
from 1 – 54 calls with a pedestrian 54 call bingo winning £500. If, however, you are fortunate enough to fill your card in 40 calls or less you will walk (or
rather should I say float) away a cool £1 million better off! Tickets to these historic
big red bus bingo games cost £1 which is a paltry sum when one considers the potentially life changing nature of this game.

£1,000 Free Every Day

Everyone who plays online bingo on a regular basis knows all about how great free bingo is and how, sometimes, there are “great” jackpots up for grabs on free games so I won’t bore you with any theory. What I do feel morally
obligated to mention though is this – redbus bingo offers not one or two but three free games every single day with cumulative prizes of £1,000. Ok, now that I certainly have your attention you need to keep a look out for the 200 Free, 300 Free and 500 Free games when you visit Redbus next. These games play out hourly between 8.15pm and 10.15pm so don’t miss out on your free ride.

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City Break: The Big Apple

If a once in a lifetime trip for two to New York complete with £1,000 spending money, a Bus Hopper pass and Sex and The City locations tour tickets sounds like something you could see yourself doing then look no
further than Redbus’s City Break promotion. For a scant £2 you can pre buy tickets for this outstanding promotional game which will play at 10pm on the 1stof August. The fortunate winner will receive:

  • Return flights to NYC
  • 3 nights accommodation in a swanky Manhattan hotel
  • Full transfers between the airport and hotel
  • 48 hour Buss Hopper pass
  • SATC locations tour tickets
  • £1,000 cash
  • A juicy mystery gift to make the experience even
    more memorable

In addition to these breathtaking promotional red bus bingo features a mass of other noteworthy events such as the World Cup Wonder, Pics For A Penny, £75 Quids In, Penny Bingo, £150 Oxford St Shopping Spree and £2K Big
Smoke promotions t mention just a few. The big thing is kids, you can’t play if you’re not part of the family. So if you are not yet a redbusbingo member do yourself a huge favor and register today!

You can deposit at Red Bus Bingo with any of the following payment methods:

Red Bus Bingo Payment Methods

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