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Robin Hood Bingo – Refunds And Bingo Bonus!

Robin Hood Bingo and his merry men are really giving it all to us bingo roomies.  They have so many promotions and BIG cash bingo games running that we are spoilt for bingo choice!

This new site doesn’t want you to worry about your bills, because they are running a FANTASTIC bingo promotion called “Payday” with a £10K jackpot that will pay out a minimum cash prize of £2K!

Robin Hood Bingo are offering refunds to their bingo players and these will be refunded when you play into the big PAYDAY game and all you have to do is buy 4 cards and they will refund you ONE CARD in coins on Sunday! That’s what I call a good bingo deal (Lol)

The £10,000 game will kick off on Friday at 9:00pm and you could be walking away with £10K or at the very least a nice bingo cash prize of £2,000!

This bingo site has introduced a brand new game to their online bingo site and it’s a favourite amongst most of us bingo roomies.  It’s called “Deal or No Deal” and is a bingo and slot game.

This new game sounds very exciting and it’s much like the TV show ‘Deal or No Deal’ it offers you cash on which boxes to keep in the mega bonus round section of the game!

Robin Hood is also offering you the chance to win £30.00 in shopping vouchers and all you have to do is win bingo jackpot on the “Deal or No Deal” bingo pattern.

Meet the banker at this online bingo site every Tuesday through until Friday between 8:00pm and 9:00pm in the Strike it Lucky Room and you may have a bingo deal! Lol

OMG!  The goodies just keep coming at this site, Robin is offering bingo bonuses on the 25th February 2012 and these will be worth £9.00 if you deposit a minimum of £10 3 times in one day!  If you just want the one bonus of £3.00 then all you have to deposit is £10.00!

Make your deposit of £10 on Saturday, 25th February and insert CODE: DEAL
and you will get an EXTRA £3 on the house!
You can use this code three times so Extra Special Luck my Fellow Roomies!



♫♫My Robin Hood Bingo Song♫♫
♫Robin Hood, Robin Hood, riding through the bingo land ♫
♫Robin Hood, Robin Hood, with his band of players in his hand ♫
♫Feared by the bad, loved by the good and paying out cash prizes♫
♫Robin Hood, Robin Hood, Robin Hood will this site be full of surprises? ♫