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Rock Bingo Hall Owners Get the Green Light!

More than 300 bingo fanatics enjoyed the opening of ‘Rock Bingo Centre’ in Togher, Cork City last Sunday night. They were unaware that Gardi were taking away paperwork and bingo books.

The Bingo games had only been underway for 15 minutes when along came ‘Gardi’ to do search and seizure of the bingo hall. The warrant was apparently to have been in connection with worries about the validity of the licence for that night’s bingo session.

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The bingo operation ‘Rock Bingo’ were supposed to open in November but ‘Gardi’ had arrived with a warrant to search the premises and the business was closed. The high court had declared that the enterprise was lawful at the start of last December 2011.

Rock Bingo must work with partners, which will include licence holders of charities and organisations that hold no gain in the company.

Owner Dave Barber, speaking on Cork’s 96FM, said a percentage of takings go to selected charities and non-profit bodies.