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Shampoo Bingo – Won’t Lure Players with Recent Personal Emails!

Has anyone received a strange looking email from Shampoo Bingo?  I could not believe my eyes when I opened my email from this online bingo site.   The title of the email sounded very spammy and I was about to delete it but temptation got the better of me because I couldn’t believe what I was seeing!

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As I sat back and read the email which said things like ‘We have missed you cupcake’ That is not the way a business should address their retention players  or any users for that matter. (In my opinion) It sounded like the wording was maybe a tad too personal for my liking.

As I read further I was gobsmacked to read  words like ‘My Darling’ I thought I had read it wrong but after reading it over again, I realised I hadn’t.  The email went on about things like ‘We are missing you and can’t stop thinking about you and the good times we had’ etc.

I am not a regular player at their online site and could not believe the personal tones addressed to me.  I would see the point if I had been a regular player but I am not!

To be fair though, the good thing about Shampoo Bingo though is they are offering first time depositors a big 150% welcome bonus alongside a nice 50% reload bonus.   Shampoo Bingo isn’t the only bingo site that operates s on the network that sends these emails out. I have received several emails from various websites trying to lure me back to play and spend on their online sites.

Although the emails are a tad too personal there are other great offers that you might want to try out like; Free bingo, chat points, big welcome bonuses and much more.

The emails are in no reflection to the actual bingosites because they offer some really good gaming experiences alongside some big jackpots.   But in my opinion by sending such personal emails to their players, might make users think twice before they come back!