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Online bingo sites that have had a smooth ride till now may just have a rude awakening as the government mull over enforcing tighter laws to regulate gambling games such as online bingo and the National Lottery.

The discussion to impose tighter laws on online bingo sites comes on the heels of a statistics report by the UK Gambling Commission that seem to indicate that games such as online bingo sites and the National Lottery are getting increasing patronage.  According to the UK Gambling Commission which has also supported the need for tighter laws, the trend in online bingo gaming has increased over the last few years.

A recent poll by the Commission reveals that 12% of the respondents have entered into some form of gambling. With the launch of several mobile bingo sites, bingo players find it more easy and convenient to access these games, leading to a possibility of more and more bingo players indulging excessively in these games.

One of the suggestions put forward by the Minister of Tourism and Heritage, John Penrose, is to enforce registration with the UK Gambling Commission even on online bingo sites registered overseas.  While this may seem a dampener to many online bingo sites, this move will serve to protect online bingo players from many fraudulent claims of bingo sites.

“The current system for regulating remote gambling doesn’t work.  Overseas operators get an unfair advantage over UK based companies, and British consumers who gamble online may have little or no protection depending on where the operator they deal with happens to be based,” said Mr. Penrose.

The need to regulate online bingo seems to be a good thing as they provide assurance to bingo players that their interests are protected by a regulatory commission in UK who can look into complaints of fraud and breach of terms by the bingo operator.

Perhaps as a sign of the times to come for bingo sites, of late several bingo sites have had a run-in with the ASA and have had to pull down misleading ads that claimed among other things free bingo bonus when the truth was to the contrary. Cheer up bingo players; the tide is set to change in your favor.