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Spin the Wheel Bingo Bonus

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When looking for a new bingo site to play, one of the first things players look for is whether a site offers a decent welcome bonus. Usually, sites offer bonuses such as 400% on your first deposit, and maybe some free spins if you’re lucky. But some sites really do go an extra mile – with a Spin the Wheel bingo bonus!

What is this bonus?

This bonus is quite simple. Usually the site will offer an initial bonus on your first deposit, usually of around 100% or 200%. This is a modest welcome offer, but the Spin the Wheel Feature adds something extra on top of it. Essentially, you are offered the chance to spin a bonus wheel for free, with the promise of winning a guaranteed bonus of between £5 and, depending on the site, either £1,500 or £2,500. Of course, you are much more likely to get a lower bonus than a high one, but the £2,500 is something to aim for – and even if you only get £5, at least it’s free. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain on the bonus wheel.

Compare to other welcome bonuses

As mentioned, most other sites offer a bonus on your first deposit. Usually this bonus will be around 300%, although some big spenders may give you up to 600%. There may also be variations on your deposit requirements as well; for example, perhaps the bonus is only available on your first deposit of £5 or £10. Many sites also offer free spins, usually around 20, sometimes on any slots game and sometimes on a specified slots game. There are also sites offering no deposit bonuses, which are bonuses credited to you.

Wagering requirements

Wagering requirements usually will change from site to site, including on spin the wheel bingo sites, so you want to shop around and keep an eye on what deals are available. For example, on Wink Bingo, where you can get up to £1000 on the spin the wheel bonus, the wagering requirements are 2X the total bingo bonus funds. Meanwhile, on Cheers bingo, they ask only for a set payment of spending £30 on the site before you withdraw – regardless of how much you deposit or have in bonuses.

Best Sites

If you’re looking to play on some bingo sites with spin the wheel bonus, then have no fear we’ve put together a list of the best sites where you can pick up this excellent bonus for yourself:

Wink Bingo: As well as the free spin bonus, Wink offers a rather impressive first welcome bonus of 400% in bonus back on your first deposit.

Cheers Bingo: Cheers offers you 200%, or £20 free bonus on your first deposit of £10. Plus, the bonus wheel on this phenomenal site goes up as far as £2500. Combined with their excellent offer when it comes to wagering requirements, Cheers Bingo is an ideal site to enjoy this fantastic bonus on.

Charity Bingo: Similarly, Charity Bingo also offers players up to £20 for free on their first deposit, plus up to £2,500 on the bonus wheel. In addition to their welcome offer, Charity Bingo offers players the chance to give money to a good cause as they play on the site. For every £20 deposited, £1 goes to a chosen monthly charity.

If you want to cash in on this excellent welcome bonus, be sure the check out one of these fantastic sites so that you can pick up some of the best deals available alongside this fabulous bonus.

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