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Sun Bingo’s super £25k weekly giveaway

Sun Bingo

Bingo fans must check out Sun Bingo’s super offer – the site is giving away £25,000 every week to bingo players till December 4. If you wish to capitalize on this grand bingo giveaway offer, head to the Sun Bingo Lobby right away.

Oh, before you do that, you might want to start your account at Sun Bingo, in case you haven’t already. Sign up with Sun Bingo today and get set to ‘live free for a year’ as this popular bingo promotion is rightly called. Signing up is real easy. With just the barest minimal of information and a minimum £10 deposit, you become a proud member of Sun Bingo, one of the best bingo sites in UK.

With an account created, you can now log in and check out the different bingo rooms at the Sun Bingo Lobby. Simply choose the room that you wish to play at and you are good to go. If you are looking for the special game that gives away £25k in bingo prizes every week, you are not going to find it and that’s because, the £25k giveaway is not a bingo game but an online draw competition!!!

To enter this online draw here are some of the things that you need to do.

  • Play £10 worth of bingo games
  • Play £30 worth of slots or mini games

If you accomplish any of the above, you are entitled to one free entry to the online draw. Of course, this is only the minimum wager requirement. You can get yourselves additional entries, every time you meet the above milestones.

So check out the Sun Bingo Lobby and have a good look at the rooms and the games housed therein. You can play in any of these games in order to meet your milestone and get ready to see your name declared as the weekly winner of £25k at Sun Bingo.

If you want a lead on what’s happening at Sun Bingo or the hot favorites of the month, here are some insights.

Session Bingo at the site is a huge hit. Where else will you get an instant lineup of 75 ball bingo, 80 ball bingo and 90 ball bingo in just one session. With four separate session bingo sessions scheduled, you’ve got at least four hours of your favorite bingo games rolled up in one package.

You can also save yourself a tidy sum – £30.50 to be precise – if you sign up for all the four separate sessions of session bingo in a single day.

Mystic Meg’s Wheel Of Destiny is another favorite. Enjoy free spins at the Wheel of Destiny and win free spins on Mystic Meg Slots. The free spins at the slots can lead to some real exciting cash rewards.

If you are inclined to mini games, then there is great news for you. Sun Bingo has launched great new mini games that you can enjoy even when playing 90 ball bingo games. And if free bingo is what catches your fancy, then make sure you sign up for Free Bingo Tuesdays at this site where you can grab prizes that range from £10 for single line to £50 for the full house.

What’s more!! Deposit at this site and get rewarded bonus cash for each and every deposit. While the first deposit will invite 100% first deposit bonus, thereby doubling your deposit figures, all other deposits will get you another 50% bonus.

Sun Bingo is one of the bingo sites that has stood the test of time. Even as we wait for the list of new bingo sites 2012 or even new bingo sites November 2011, none can compare with Sun Bingo’s ‘Live Free For A Year’ promotion.