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The Joy Of Bingo Network £15K Joy Love Pot!


Wink Bingo certainly held its winning reputation of the festive period by having lots of bingo winners.  The winner of the Mini Cooper 1.6 is still to be finalised as they’re 4 players who called on the same bingo number to scoop the prize but there will have to be a play off between players; gecko75, lindy5, tracy1971 and zedhower.  The play off is expected over the next few days and we wish all bingo roomies involved in this game the very best of luck!

Joy of Bingo network have a one of a kind special jackpot prize worth £100,000 and it’s called ‘Joypot’ this is spread across all five sites on the Joy of Bingo Network.

  • Bingo Street
    • Posh Bingo
    • Red Bus Bingo
    • Tasty Bingo
    • And Wink Bingo.

We have heard through the bingo grapevine that this cash prize will be given out in even more BIG money bingo events to unfold.

The Joy of Bingo Big £15K Game Details:

  • Bingo Site Name: Tasty Bingo
  • Date: Valentine’s Day – 14th February 2012.
  • Name of Game: The Love Game
  • Game Variation: 90 ball bingo
  • Ticket Price: £2.00
  • Cash Prizes: £15,000
  • One Line Prize: £2,000
  • Two Line Prize: £3,000
  • Full House Prize: £10,000

This online bingo network likes to show they care by giving their bingo players freebies and that’s just what they are doing, Each time a player plays on any one of their sites within the network they will earn free ‘Pot Credits’ towards tickets.

The Joy of Bingo have various ways that you can win ‘free cards’ into this bingo game and all you need to do is play bingo and call winning games on particular bingo patterns. If you wager on bingo and slots you will earn free tickets too and all points will be converted to the bingo players cards the day before the event.

I could jump for joy with all this exciting news!!
Why don’t you jump right over to one of ‘The Joy of Bingos’ bingo sites today and grab a HUGE bonus!