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The UK’s Taxation Plans Concern Gibraltar!!


Rumour has it that “Gibraltar Government” is worried by the “UK governments” recent plan to tax gambling sites and they have apparently based this around point of consumption!

Many casinos and bingo gambling sites may have to use licensing in Gibraltar due to tax requirements!

These sites generate GREAT amounts of profit and have employed hundreds of employee opportunities which include high profile jobs!

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Our little birdie has informed us that apparently Gibraltar, Minister has contacted the UK government concerning the impact Gibraltar would have if the income was affected for gambling sites.

The gaming world and government in Gibraltar may have to take actions to safeguard their incomes!

Information from the eGaming Summit:
The Gaming Minister, apparently commented by saying “these changes if they take place announced by the UK government aren’t needed and apparently  the minister said, the UK industry is safe guarded by Gibraltar’s licensing program which is said to be higher than the UK one”!

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