Welcome to Bingo Hollywood’s Summer Holiday

Bingo Hollywood is going all out this July and offering their players the chance to win a share of 2,000,000 star points every weekend in July!  The online bingo site is calling all holiday makers to get involved in this summer-themed competition.

To get involved, the first thing you need to do is visit the Bingo Hollywood web site and sign up for a team.  As soon as you’ve done that, you’re in for the chance to win a share of the massive prize pots.  The point distribution each week is as follows:

–          1st place team will win 1,000,000  Star Points

–          2nd place team will win 500,000  Star Points

–          3rd place team will win 300,000  Star Points

–          4th place team will win 200,000  Star Points

When you first get involved with the competition, you will be assigned into one of the following teams: Passports, Suncreams, Deckchairs and Beachballs.  The teams will then battle it out for the prize fund on the following schedule:

–          Friday 5th – Sunday 7th at 7pm until 11pm in the Red Carpet room

–          Friday 12th – Sunday 14th at 7pm until 11pm in the 50 Shades of Bingo room

–          Friday 19th – Sunday 21st at 7pm until 11pm in the One to Go Bingo room

–          Friday 26th – Sunday 28th at 7pm until 11pm in the Red Carpet room

As players get Full House, 1 Line or 2 Line bingoes, they will accumulate points for the team.  In 50 shares of Bingo (90 ball) and One to Go bingo, each Full House winner will get 10 points, 2 Line winners get 5 points and 1 Line winners get 3 points.  In 50 Shades of Bingo (75 ball) and the Red carpet room, every bingo will earn 10 points for the team.

Good luck roomies!