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Where to Find the Best Bingo Prizes

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Bingo prizes… now that is a term we like! Everyone loves winning at bingo, and it pays to know where you can access the best prizes around today – and here, we will talk about prizes other than cash. That’s why we’re here, to reveal all the answers you’ll need.

Best sites for prizes


Wink offers numerous prizes on jackpots and promos, so visit often to see what is on offer. And don’t miss the Bingo Prize Store, where you claim the prizes you win in their fab bingo games – quick, easy and convenient for you!


Stay close to the promotions page at Cheers Bingo, because this is where news of the latest deals and offers will be advertised. Watch for prize rooms, promos and the famous Friday Night Takeaway – where you have a chance to win a takeaway from your favourite venue!

Can I win prizes for free?

Free bingo, real prizes – do the two go together? Some sites do offer you the chance to play free bingo for prizes, but the wins tend to be smaller. Furthermore, there could be limitations to what you could win.

Our tip would be to read the T&Cs for any bingo game that offers prizes with no entry fee or ticket price involved. That way, you’ll know what to expect upfront, and whether it is worth taking part.

If you come across a site that offers bingo prizes instead of cash prizes, and you haven’t heard of it before, be careful. Many sites are legit, but you don’t want to be taken in by a site that is too good to be true. Bear these points in mind:

  • Is the site regulated by the UK Gambling Commission? Don’t just look for the logo – confirm this with the Commission itself.
  • Who owns the site? Many sites are run by a handful of companies. Is the site run by one of these?
  • Has it been around for a while? Even if you haven’t come across it before, it could still be genuine.
  • Read reviews of it. Do other players regularly use and enjoy the site? Have they won prizes and have they been delivered?

Advantages of winning prizes vs cash

Cash is lovely and we’re all used to bingo games offering cash as the prize. However, there are advantages to winning prizes instead. If you’re still having doubts, maybe these perks will change your mind.

  1. No wagering requirements – some cash prizes require you to wager your winnings several times before you can cash out. That doesn’t apply with tangible prizes.
  2. You get the prize sent to you – no need to wait to cash out your winnings in several portions because of withdrawal limits.
  3. It’s different! – who wouldn’t love to win prizes instead of cash for a change?
  4. Prizes can be worth more – the biggest prizes can be worth £££s.
  5. You may win something you would never normally buy for yourself.
  6. If you win something and you’re not keen on it, you could sell it on to someone else.

Many players like a chance to win tangible prizes as well as cash. You don’t need to choose one or the other. Look out for sites that offer a nice mix of both, because then you get the best of both worlds.

What can I win?

Now to the real question you’ve been wanting to ask! There are plenty of prize bingo offers around today. Some sites focus on offering certain types of prizes, whereas others run different competitions with assorted prizes over time.

Here are some examples of possible prizes you might come across:

  • Holidays
  • Electronics
  • Vouchers
  • Free passes
  • Gift cards
  • Entry to attractions
  • Weekends away

Some prize bingo offers give you the chance to win a main prize, such as a holiday. Others will have a main prize, and then runners-up prizes for a specified number of people. As you may have guessed, the value of prizes can vary a lot.

Always read through the details for the prize bingo event and see what is on offer. Make sure you know what you must do to enter, too, even though this will usually be easy. There could be requirements you must meet to qualify, i.e. buying a certain number of tickets.

Top tip: check the prizes and conditions for each separate competition

You never know how a competition will be organised or won, so read the rules carefully before you take part.

Enjoy the best bingo prizes around today!

Bingo prizes are becoming more popular, and it is easy to see why. You may have a good chance to take part in competitions offering real bingo prizes instead of cash prizes. Why not visit Wink or Cheers now to see whether you could get lucky?

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