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Road blocks and speed breakers in William Hill Bingo’s car giveaway month

Remember the super car giveaway bingo promotion at William Hill Bingo, one of the best bingo sites around with the best ongoing promotions? Well, the car giveaway almost skidded to a halt in the very first week as three winners in a row did not possess a valid drivers license.

The first day of the car giveaway went off smoothly as the first winner was a seasoned driver who drove off skillfully in her brand new Fiat Panda. However the next three days turned out to be a bumpy ride for the site when it turned out that the three winners were in no position to drive away in their car.

It did give a few sleepless nights to William Hill Bingo promoters when winner after winner announced they couldn’t drive. There was apparently even talk of canceling one of the biggest bingo promotions of the year but thankfully better sense prevailed.

According to a spokesman at william hill bingo, QUOTE  There were meetings at the highest level and they talked about pulling the promotion. It caused absolute chaos, with changes having to be made to the drive away insurance policies, substituting the winners’ names with those of their partners.  UNQUOTE

Thankfully there were no hiccups after that as all the winners since then turned out to be people with valid driver’s license. Hopefully it should be smooth sailing… oops smooth driving from now on.

For those of you who came in late, there is still a good fortnight of daily car giveaways at this bingo site. To be in the running for the car giveaway, simply play bingo here and win on the number 61 to become eligible to the online draw. Alternately collect points by meeting the minimum wager requirements and win yourself a free entry / free entries to this daily car giveaway. Yes, it is possible to get more than one free entry in a given day.

So sign up today at William Hill Bingo and make sure you grab one of the 31 cars that the site is giving away. And oh, before you do that; make sure you have a valid driver’s license.