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Win £100,000 at Mecca Bingo on November 25

Mecca Bingo
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Bingo players remember this date – November 25 and mark it on your bingo scheduler. This is one night when you have got to be at home, glued to your laptops and signed in with the best bingo site, Mecca Bingo – that is, if you want to get your hands on a hundred grand!!!

Yes, that’s right; there’s a hundred grand that is waiting to be given away at mecca bingo, this Friday and if you want to get your hands on a slice of this pie, then you have got to open a Bingo Mecca account today. Sign up today and open to yourself a world of mobile bingo games where you can play bingo on the go, with ease.

To get in on the £100,000 giveaway at mecca bingo.co.uk, log in at the site on the D-day at 06:00pm when the games are set to start. You can play at any of the 90 ball bingo rooms at this site and enjoy six hours of bingo games with whopping prizes that contribute to this £100,000. The schedule is as follows

  • From 06:00pm to 08:00pm – There will be two hours of special bingo jackpot games
  • From 08:00pm to midnight – There will be speed bingo games, again for bingo jackpot prizes
  • 10:30pm – This will be the biggest jackpot giveaway with total prize pool coming to a whopping £4,000

With six hours of non stop bingo games at MeccaBingo, your chances to get your hands on a share of £100,000 are very good. And don’t forget, there will also be special 1TG & 2TG prizes as well. So, that further improves your odds of getting a slice of the pie.

Sign up today at meccabingo.com and create your bingo account today. Mecca Bingo is not just the best of the online bingo sites but is also one of the best mobile bingo sites. If you are an avid bingo fan, then you definitely need to sign up with the mecca of bingo sites.