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Win a lottery of X’mas gifts worth £5000 at Bingo Lottery

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Bingo Lottery has an amazing promotion lined up – something that will take care of your Christmas shopping woes. While new bingo sites are set to launch soon, you should watch out for Bingo Lottery in December and have almost all the items on your Christmas shopping list taken care of.

If your Christmas gifts to your loved ones are frequently met with disappointment, here is one Christmas where you can work a magic. Get the most expensive and sought after Christmas presents costing around £5000 for all your loved ones. Don’t worry about the bill as Lottery Bingo is going to take care of it for you.

Yes, you definitely read it right. BingoLottery will foot your Christmas shopping bill this year with an amazing collection of gifts that include 32” HD LED television, 3D Television, Nintendos, camcorders, Swarovski collections, RayBan and Oakley glasses, iPhone 4S and more. There are loads and loads more, including vouchers from almost all the fanciest gift shop choices such as Toys ’R Us vouchers, New Look vouchers, Boots vouchers, Ikea vouchers, Selfridges vouchers, etc.

What do you have to do to win this must-win game? Play the 75 ball bingo game at bingolottery.co.uk on December 2 at 08:00 pm but before you do that, here’s a tip. Collect as many tickets as you can to this game.

The more number of tickets will not just increase the odds of you winning this prize but will also be the clinching factor when it comes to declaring the ultimate bingo winner of this game.

Remember, a 75 ball bingo game is a game where the winner takes all and Lottery Bingo is not going to play nice and have multiple winners share the prize here. If there are multiple claimants to this £5000 lottery, the player with the maximum number of tickets will win; and if all the winners should have the same number of tickets, then a raffle will decide the final winner.

So sign up today at bingo-lottery.com and say a prayer for a Christmas miracle because this is one bingo game that you have got to win.