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Win even when you lose at Posh Bingo

Posh Bingo has a brand new bingo promotion waiting for bingo players – the £500 Thursday Bliss. As the name suggests, the game will be played on Thursdays and yes, you guessed right – the total prize giveaway for this fantastic game is going to be a whopping £500.

This Thursday whopper is going to be a game of bliss, which you should probably have guessed again by the name but while the name probably tells you all the major things you need to know, there is one mind-blowing secret that is not revealed in the name. This game is going to make winners of losers!!!

How is that, you ask. The answer is simple. The prize pool contains a share of win even for 1TG bingo players. So what’s new, you are thinking. One to go winners getting a share of bingo prizes is not new. However what is new here is that the 1TG winners will enjoy the bulk of the total prize.

Yes, you read right!! Full house bingo winners in this 75 ball bingo game will win a neat £100 but the remaining £400 from the prize pool will be distributed among the players who have just one left to go to claim the bingo full house. Howzzat!

This is one game that you will be hoping you do not win, as your share of £400 may just be a lot higher than the £100 that you get, should you land the bingo full house. So if you think you have been having a bit of bad luck with losing out on a game with just one number left to go, you need to rush to posh bingo and sign up for an account here.

This game is scheduled for every Thursday at 08:00pm and to win it, you need to be the first one to bingo on the pound pattern but you probably do not want to reach that far. Just pray for one missing square to complete your pound pattern and you are a winner here.