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Windows Phone Bingo

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Mobile bingo has absolutely exploded in popularity over the last few years as hundreds, if not thousands of brands have begun to quickly adopt mobile compatible sites or downloadable apps.

There are a number of devices steadily becoming compatible with these sites and the Windows Phone is one mobile that’s performing quite well in this growing market.

Advantages of Bingo on Windows Phone

When you start playing Windows mobile bingo games you will likely encounter a number of advantages that this device will provide for you.

To start things off there’s the speed, thanks to its pretty hefty processor that can handle early Xbox era games, this device can power through your games and apps without breaking a sweat.

Then there’s the graphics, everything on this mobile looks absolutely gorgeous. With their latest device, the Nokia Lumia Slim providing a Pure Motion HD+ display, any game or site you browse with a Windows Phone is going to look fantastic.

Last of all we have its super stable OS, using the latest Windows 8.1 software that built on the foundations that Windows 8 left behind, this phone will rarely crash or stall out.

Compared Against iOS and Android

Of course, there are plenty of other devices to use to play mobile bingo; the two main competitors to the Windows phone in this regard are iOS and Android devices. All three of these phones have their own advantages and disadvantages for using them to play bingo.

For example, Androids are great as they have a large playing area thanks to their bigger screens and they have relatively strong processors. They do also have compatibility problems with certain apps and sites, although that’s mainly confined to the older models.

iOS phones, on the other hand, are portable processing powerhouses as they can run relatively anything you put on them with a high graphical quality. But, unfortunately, their main downside is that their smaller screens mean you’re prone to accidental button presses and a lower resolution than other mobiles.

To round things off, there’s the Windows Phone. In terms of size they’re in a ‘Goldilocks Zone’ as they’re not too big or too small, they fit perfectly in your hand and they have pretty good processors and graphics cards. The only issue they have is their app store doesn’t have any real money gambling games.


Windows Phone Compatible Sites

There are a number of different sites you can visit to get your fix of Windows Phone bingo games, below are a few worth joining.

Glossy Bingo:

A first deposit of £10 on Glossy Bingo will bag you a 250% bonus on top of your cash.

Wink Bingo:

Newly depositing players on Wink Bingo can expect a 250% bonus and up to £1,000 in cash from their fun ‘Spin the Wheel’ feature.

Charity Bingo:

A £10 first deposit on Charity Bingo will net you £20 extra, £1 of your deposit donated to charity and up to £2,500 in cash from their ‘Spin the Wheel’ round.

Lucky Touch Bingo:

‘Newbies’ on this site can enjoy £10 free for registering an account, then after your first three deposits are made you will get to take home a 500%, 350% and 300% bonus on your cash.

Just-For-Fun Apps

For anyone on a tight budget there are a number of free bingo apps for Windows Phones that you can try out, here are two of our favourites.

Microsoft Bingo:

Supporting integration with your Xbox LIVE account, this free app lets you show off your Gamerscore as you play across 10 exotic locations and post your victories to Facebook. With an option for Micro-transactions, this free bingo app needs to be on your phone.

AE Bingo:

A solely single player affair, AE Bingo has lots of interesting free bingo rooms that span different themes and come in two unique game modes of ‘Classic’ and ‘Speed’ bingo. It’s great for killing time and it doesn’t cost a penny to play.

With so many great features to enjoy and places to visit, using a Windows Phone to play bingo is possibly the best thing you can do. So when you’re looking at trying mobile bingo, why not grab yourself a Windows Phone!

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