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Wink Bingo Will Put The Step in Your Spring Fling!

♫♫A little bird told me when spring had come around!♫♫
♫♫He said come on, get on the go and grab your daily bingo buys!♫♫
♫♫The sky is full of wink bingo eyes!♫♫
♫♫The blossoms on the trees stir up the honey bees and time to rise!♫♫
♫♫Because Wink Bingo bring you a £6K spring fling surprise!♫♫

Recently we told you about the GREAT “Spring Fling” on offer at Wink Bingo.  This bingo site is one of the giants in the market today and always aim to bring the very best bingo experience to their bingo roomies!

Wink has really thought this promotion through because what’s nicer than a good old spring clean in lovely “Spring Time” and even better Wink Bingo will be footing the bingo bill by offering up to £6K in really springy cash that will provide you with just the EXTRA money you need to make those new spring changes to your home!

Spring Fling Game Details:
Date of Game: Saturday 26th May 2012
Time: 10.00pm
Prizes: 1 Line = £1K – 2 Lines = £1,500 – Full House = £3K – 1tg Cards: £500 will be shared amongst all 1tg winners!
You can earn free bingo cards into the game by doing certain bingo things like; Bingo on the Broom or Flower patterns and get 20points, Wager £20.00 on ANY instant game = 1point, Send a comment to Holly & tell us what you would do with the cash and get 50points, wager £6 on 75 ball bingo games and get 20points, wager £6 on 90 ball bingo games and get 20points, win bingo on the Fridge Freezer pattern and scoop 500points!    You will receive 1 free card for every 500 points redeemed!

Wink Bingo is famous for their BIG bingo games especially their most upcoming game the “ £20K Jubilee Joy Pot! Which will play on 1st June 2012 at 10.00pm and the site that the game will kick off on is 888ladies bingo!

When you join “Wink Bingo” you will get a Massive 200% bingo bonus and a chance to win between £15.00 and £1,000.00 Free!