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A Woman Left Children Home Alone To Play Bingo!


We have informed you all about sad bingo stories on many occasions and today I write about yet another one!

Our bingo birdie has informed us that a woman plead guilty in court of leaving her children “Home Alone” so she could go out and enjoy the bingo game and was sent to jail for 6 months!

Claudia V who is a mum to 4 kids aged between two and seven had left the children at home alone while she went off to enjoy a game of bingo!

Apparently when the police arrived at the woman’s home there was a regular welfare check and they had found the 4 kids were in an unfit state which included scratches on their bodies!

One of the children had informed the police where her mother was and that was playing bingo and a nearby neighbour collected Claudia V from the bingo and took her back home.

Apparently when the dad arrived during the ordeal the police gave the children to him and they were very happy to see him.