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Bingo Sites that take Skrill Payments


If you’ve ever taken a look at some of the accepted payment options on various bingo sites, then one method which you may have seen pop up a few times is the option to pay via Skrill. Skrill is an e-commerce business previously known as Moneybookers, which enables users to make low cost international money transfers and payments over the internet. But which bingo sites accept Skrill, and what are the advantages of using it as a payment method for Bingo Sites?

Sites which take Skrill

If you’re looking for Bingo sites which accept Skrill, then luckily you are in good company, as there are plenty of reputable websites which take payments via this option. To begin with, there is Bingo Diamond, who offer players a highly generous welcome bonus of £15 Free when they first sign up, no deposit required. And that’s not all; you can also expect to find some gigantic deposit bonuses – 300% on your first deposit, 150% on your second, 200% on your third and finally 250% on your fourth deposit – altogether that’s a pretty good deal and an excellent start to your bingo career on the site.

Alternatively, you might want to take a look at Dotty Bingo. In addition to a 250% welcome bonus, Dotty Bingo also offers players 10 free spins to play across your favourite slots games when you make your first deposit. They also run loads of daily, weekly and monthly promotions, meaning that there’s always a new deal on with the intention of saving you money and helping you boost up some bonuses.

Another site which will take Skrill is Glossy Bingo. They offer an incredible impressive welcome bonus of 250% – meaning that if your first deposit is £10, they will give you £25 back, bringing the total amount you have to spend on the site to £35. And the fun doesn’t end there – with monthly £10k games to daily opportunities to grab £50 during your lunch break, there’s always something to be excited about at Glossy Bingo.

What makes Skrill good for bingo?

You now know some of the numerous bingo websites which will take Skrill, the next question is – what are the advantages of using the payment operator for bingo? In a general sense, they have over a decade of experience as an ecommerce operator, meaning that they are well equipped to help you with whatever you need – and also have excellent protection against risk and fraud, which is really everything you want from an e-wallet. In a way which is more specific to bingo, using Skrill makes getting your winnings much easier. As you may have noticed, trying to withdraw your winnings from bingo sites using credit or debit card can be really difficult. However, with an online Skrill account it’s much easier as you can just transfer the money into your account with very little effort or difficulty. The method is also very straightforward to use and is specialised towards online transactions and unlike other payment methods such as PayPal, is much better configured towards being used for gambling. Plus, the site is used by Gambling operators all across the Globe, so with any new site there is a good possibility that they will take Skrill as a Payment Method.

How to get started

If we’ve managed to get you interested in setting up an account, but you’re not sure how, then don’t worry – it’s actually very easy and straightforward to do. All you need to do is go to the Skrill website, click on “Create account”, fill in your details and you’re ready to play! You can choose to set it up for both personal and business use, as either Payment Processing or as an Expense Account. Once you’ve set up your account, you will have everything you need to pay by Skrill on any online bingo and gambling websites you wish.

Now that you know a bit about the basics, you’re all set to put together your own Skrill account – so why not try it out for yourself? The extra security certainly can’t help – and if it enables you to get to your winnings as lot easier than you can by credit or debit card, then that’s an advantage not to be taken lightly. Enjoy!

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